Warbands: Bushido is just released on Steam Early Access!
30, 2016
Finally! Warbands: Bushido on Steam Early Access today. There's still a lot of work to be done, but you can always help us with your feedback and suggestions! You can find Warbands:Bushido Store Page here.
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The prolongation of Warbands:Bushido beta-testing
7, 2016
Warbands:Bushido open beta is prolonged till November, 10th 09:00 AM GMT. We have added starting quests, which are available only for newly registered players. Waiting for your comments and suggestions at http://forum.warbandsbushido.com.
Warbands:Bushido beta-testing is coming
31, 2016
Hello everyone!
Thanks for following our project, backing us up on Kickstarter and also for your positive feedback on Warbands. We have prepared two excellent news especially for you.

Foremost, on November 1st, 09:00 AM GMT the first PC beta-testing of the game Warbands:Bushido will begin. Testing will last till November, 7th 09:00 AM GMT. Your feedback and data collected during beta testing will help us make Warbands even better. All accounts will be active only for the period of testing. The launch of the game on Steam will be the following stage, and there you will be able to create your permanent account.

The game client will be available here: http://warbandsbushido.com/beta_sign_up

Second, we are glad to announce the opening of the forum on Warbands:Bushido website. Our communication was one-sided for a long time, we published news and other information concerning the game, but our visitors had no opportunity to leave their comments. From now on, fell free to share your suggestions, leave feedback on the game and ask questions in the appropriate forum thread. The forum is available at http://forum.warbandsbushido.com.

See you in Warbands!
New Warbands: Bushido alpha gameplay trailer.
14, 2016
We're in a few days from starting our Greenlight campaign. So some more info you will find on our Steam page soon. Check out some new effects, animations, GUI elements and such. Also recently we added some new water shaders and environment animations. But don't forget that it's only an alpha.
Just released our tactical wargame on kickstarter
8, 2016
Just started our kickstarter campaign! We hope you'll find our project interesting enough to help us, and back our campaign. Warbands:Bushido - is no less than a classical board game with cards, hundreds of miniatures, dices and dozens of beautiful terrains to fight on. All the mechanics we love so much, but never had enough time to play. Now we have all these in our crossplatform (Steam, MacOS, IOS) wargame, with both multiplayer battles boardgamers used to, and beautiful single-player scenarios.
Warbands: Bushido HQ is locked and loaded!
6, 2016
Warbands: Bushido main web-site finally is online! Soon we will add more features, game-trailer, forums an much more. Right now you can check out our project features, screenshots and latest news..