Warbands: Bushido bagged Most Promising Early Access Game. - Tim Stone, Rock Paper Shotgun

Fun Japanese history-flavored experience that is an unexpected breeze of fresh air. - Martynas Klimas, Wargamer.com (5/5)

A lightning-quick slice of Early Access turn-based multiplayer tactics. - Alex Connolly, Statelyplay

Visuals and style.

Warbands: Bushido was inspired by classical miniatures wargames from Games Workshop and FFG with hand-painted warrior figures, and detailed medieval battlefields.

Cards and miniatures.

Dozens of units and cards reflect all the variety of tactics and roles in medieval Japan warfare. Sohei (monk-warriors) and Ninja unit packs already been added recently, and multiple future add-ons will bring even more.

Multiplayer modes.

And there’s quite a number of ways, players can challenge others to exciting duels, swift dojo arena skirmishes, or massive confrontations on the streets of Kyoto or in some lonesome tavern.

Campaigns and stories.

Beautiful, hand-drawn scenarios are for players, who prefer more calm and storydriven gameplay with few diffiiculty modes. There’s one default scenario available for free and 3 payed add-ons.